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Lamar Giles

i don't often get to play with nontraditional setups, and i always enjoy them. Lamar wanted something reminiscent of (but not defined by) his cover.

Class of 2k14

they already had a logo (very cute), which i built the site around—pulling out the books and colors for a cohesive whole. and like every class, gotta have a stick figure!

Barbara Stuber

i redesigned Barb's site from the ground up for her second book, as the first version was focused on her first book. this time around she wanted something to grow with, with her gorgeous cover as the inspiration.

Tamara Ireland Stone

another redesign from the ground up—this time, Tamara wanted her author site to look more like her book site: (yep, i designed that one, too.)

Nick Cahill

one of my most story-focused author sites. see all those individual elements? all part of Nick's novel, Glide.

Elle Cosimano

Elle wanted something reminiscent of her genre (scary/creepy/thriller), but represented her as an author—a site she could grow with.

R.C. Lewis

i always love the scifi sites! while the circular navigation took some time to setup, it was worth it.

Liz Czukas

the inspiration for Liz's design came from her old blog and the bubbles on her book cover. often new clients will cite past designs they like, and Liz is a favorite.

Mindee Arnett

Mindee had some amazing artwork from her friend already, and my task was to add a little scifi to the fantasy.

Julia Mary Gibson

one of the most intensive sites i've worked on, and also one of my favorites. each page has a different header, complete with different skies and trees. and, of course, the wolf.


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